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Realize infinite possibilities

Area X.O is a global innovation playground with safe, configurable, technology-rich facilities. Let us accelerate your innovation – from R&D to testing, demonstration and commercialization.

Bring us big audacious goals. We’ll help you achieve them. 

Maximize impact

Access end-to-end project management support throughout your R&D, innovation or project lifecycle.

  • Technology integration: We offer advanced networks and connected infrastructure to test and develop relevant products in a connected environment at Area X.O with the support of technology and device integration.
  • Training: We provide customized training on different technologies and equipment, including first and last mile shuttles, the Microsoft Azure IoT cloud platform, pedestrian dummies and DSRC technology.
  • Business linkages and advisory services: We offer a host of business advisory services and connections to help you achieve your R&D, product commercialization, scaling and export goals. This work includes facilitated links to regional, domestic and global clients, public and private investors, partners and suppliers.
  • Prototyping and engineering services: Our Prototyping Lab at Bayview Yards offers mechanical engineering, electrical and industrial design, conceptualization, prototyping and digital media services, including traditional and advanced manufacturing, metal printing, technical configuration, 3D printing, electronics and IoT capabilities. We can design and fabricate mounts for camera sensors and computer boards and adapt client devices for testing on vehicles and drones.
  • Logistical advisory services: Our team is equipped to help you import vehicles, prototype technologies and other assets from around the world.

 Start, scale and succeed 

Start your journey with us and benefit from an integrated suite of entrepreneurial services and programs that catalyze your growth, customer, market and investor-readiness – at every stage of development. They include the:

  • IO Pre-Accelerator Program: Targeted to early-stage tech entrepreneurs and startups, this 10-week boot camp helps validate your ideas and solidify your business foundation.
  • IO Accelerator Program: Designed for growing tech firms with less than $2 million in revenue, a minimum viable product and demonstrated customer traction, this program helps to rapidly and systematically accelerate the development and commercial success of your company over 12 to 18 months.
  • The Scaleup Program: This program helps tech companies overcome three key challenges to rapid growth and market success – customers, revenue and talent. Intending to help more companies scale to $100 million in revenue, it offers strategic advisory services, programs and networks customized to the specific needs of your company.

Develop, attract and retain top talent

Gain a global competitive edge

Leveraging our partnership with Invest Ottawa, the IO Talent Program is available to companies supported by Area X.O. This team: 

  • Develops and implements strategies to help startup and scaling firms attract, develop and retain the top tech and business talent they require to thrive, compete and succeed in the global market
  • Employs technology, knowhow and talent management strategy, sourcing and employer branding capabilities  
  • Provides coaching and mentorship, access to global technology expertise and talent solutions, and support for every stage of growth 


Leverages Invest Ottawa’s Work in Ottawa and Why Ottawa campaigns to help drive the attraction and retention of top talent, and showcase why Ottawa is the best place to learn, work, live, and play. 

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