Asset and capability highlights

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Plug and play sensors, connectivity and data collection

Address your specific goals, requirements, projects and use cases. 

  • Leverage the ‘plug and play’ sensors, power and fibre connections embedded throughout our facility – from our private and public test tracks to our Smart City Zone and smart fields 
  • Take advantage of simple and seamless sensor connectivity and data collection while onboarding any additional sensors you might require

Mobile mannequin test targets

We operate a suite of crash avoidance target equipment. These target systems:

  • Enable you to conduct precise and repeatable test scenarios between autonomous shuttles and vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists  
  • Feature three different active articulated motorized test targets 
  • Are pulled by a track system and synchronized to produce dynamic conflicts between the shuttle and the Vulnerable Road Users (VRU)
  • Can be used for testing in wet conditions with the ability to withstand crashes up to 60km/h
  • Operate on battery power with a minimum operating time of 10 hours at low temperatures
  • Test dummy at Area X.O
  • Aurrigo pod at lights
  • Cross walk

Area X.O Emergency Command Station

Our mobile emergency command station is a fully standalone and secure 5G and 4G network that can be deployed anywhere and anytime – without any external connectivity. Completely customized, this 24-foot sprinter van features: 

  • An extendable antenna to spin-up a private 4G/5G network 
  • A tethered drone that provides increased height and additional wireless network coverage up to 30 km  
  • Additional onboard drones that utilize this private network to fly and offer the ability to mount a variety of sensors, cameras, radars, and LIDARS  
  • Band 14, the spectrum reserved for first responders, enabling the validation of defence, security and public safety products and technologies 
  • A fully integrated command centre that provides a unified real-time view into all IOT assets and services
  • A completely integrated situation awareness system that provides a view of the airspace, vehicles and personnel  

Cybersecurity testing and solutions

As the automotive industry evolves towards connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) and introduces increased connectivity, new cybersecurity threats emerge. Area X.O:

  • Offers technology and expertise to analyze cybersecurity risks and implement key security measures to preserve the safety of vehicle passengers and other vulnerable road users.
  • Gives access to a robust cybersecurity cluster
  • Is a comprehensive environment for testing, validating and demonstrating cybersecurity threat scenarios and solutions 
  • Is equipped with technology and expertise from organizations such as BlackBerry QNX 
  • Has experts who can help formulate cyber testing, validation and implementation of customized cybersecurity plans 
  • Facilitates opportunities to collaborate with innovators and policymakers on the development of standardization, policy and regulatory frameworks for the cybersecurity domain