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Area X.O Selected as a NATO Defence Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic (DIANA) Test Centre

Smart mobility

Testing and validation are critical to the safe implementation of CAVs and mobility solutions, and other innovations that are revolutionizing transportation. Area X.O is your trusted partner in this goal.

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The development, testing, validation, demonstration, and implementation of cutting-edge mobility solutions happens at Area X.O.

Advanced communications

Ottawa is a global leader developing the future of Advanced Communications networks. Area X.O works directly with these experts, innovators and firms. We broker introductions, collaborators and projects for the clients we serve.

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How can we put this to work for you? Area X.O is the partner of choice for world leaders in Advanced Communications.

Smart Agriculture

Area X.O is home to the Ottawa Smart Farm powered by AgExpert – an agritech innovation playground. Whether you’re looking to develop, test, validate, demonstrate or commercialize smart agriculture solutions or Best Management Practices (BMPs), this is the place to do it.

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Leveraging top tech talent and agricultural expertise, we put technology to work to help you make more data-driven, informed decisions that drive.

Defence, aerospace and security

Area X.O helps accelerate the development, testing, validation, demonstration of new security and defence technology-driven products and services.

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Leaders in defence and security are putting Area X.O and world-class expertise to work to advance innovation, R&D and commercialization.

Connected communities and smart infrastructure

Area X.O enables public and private sector innovators to develop, test, demonstrate and implement smart city technologies and urban infrastructure solutions in our high-tech, connected smart city living lab.

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Entrepreneurs, innovators and firms use area X.O to create clean, green and connected communities of the future.

Unmanned aerial vehicles (drones)

Area X.O, in partnership with Indro Robotics, allows the design and implementation of UAV tests, projects, and use cases on our 1,866-acre facility that’s private and gated.

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Area X.O creates opportunities for UAV experts and innovators.


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A Complex Complex

When you’ve got this much space, the most state-of-the-art communication infrastructure, and integrated systems, sensors, and development tools, you don’t mind being called complex. We kind of like it.

Area X.O offers:

  • Proving ground with 16km test track with simulated urban road surface, school zone, and pedestrian and smart railway crossings
  • 4G/LTE, LoRaWan, and authentic pre-commercial 5G (including mmWave) from Nokia and Ericsson
  • Cybersecurity solutions, and industry-leading data gathering, analysis and cloud capabilities
  • Multiple GPS and satellite systems
  • Plug-and-play sensors, power, and fibre connections
  • Industry-leading data gathering, analysis, and cloud capabilities and cybersecurity solutions connected to a staff-monitored command centre
  • Access to crash avoidance target equipment; an autonomous Lexus 450H; Aurrigo Low Speed
  • Autonomous Shuttles; and our 4G/5G-enabled mobile emergency command station

Translate your vision into reality at Area X.O

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Explore Sponsorship

Top tech developers, entrepreneurs, multinationals, investors and their partners are putting the capabilities of Area X.O to work to achieve their innovation, R&D and business objectives. Read more

Make a lasting contribution to our innovation community and achieve key goals.Become a sponsor and explore opportunities to:

  • Contribute to the development of our global innovation playground and the innovators we serve
  • Achieve high profile onsite presence and recognition 
  • Gain ready access to thought leaders, entrepreneurs, R&D and technology leaders, local and global companies 
  • Acquire advanced visibility of innovations and emerging technologies and the high-potential companies that are bringing them to market
  • Scout top talent in tech-driven sectors
  • Seize rare networking, R&D and business development opportunities with prospective clients, investors and collaborators 
  • Host, contribute to or participate in webinars, training sessions and events and this is just the beginning!

To explore customized Area X.O sponsorship opportunities that directly address your goals, please contact Kara Eusebio, Senior Manager of Strategic Partnerships, at [email protected]

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Why Ottawa

Why Ottawa?

Canada’s Capital is one of North America’s hottest, most diverse global tech hubs.

Anchored by top tech firms, expertise, and competitive advantages: we can help you achieve your innovation goals.

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