Our Team

Helping unleash the potential, power and impact of your innovation

Kelly Daize
Director, Area X.O

Heidi Hauver
Vice President, Talent and HR

Divyanshu Kamboj
Senior Project Manager

Adam Keshavjee
Marketing Strategist

Lana Legostaeva
Vice President, Corporate Services and Finance

Rachael Patraw
Project Coordinator, Business and Operations Administrator

Richard Quigley
Vice President, Infrastructure

Sonya Shorey
Vice President, Strategy, Marketing and Communications

Tanissan Thavathurai
Technical Project Manager 

Rebecca Thompson
Senior Manager, Operations

Michael Tremblay
President and CEO

Kara Eusebio
Senior Manager, Strategic Partnerships
Invest Ottawa and Bayview Yards

Joanne Gardner
Director, Prototyping Lab
Bayview Yards

Alanna Hlavacek
Project Coordinator
Invest Ottawa

Patrick Kenny
Director of Marketing and Communications
Invest Ottawa and Bayview Yards

Guillaume Lequertier
Business Lead, MS Dynamics CRM
Invest Ottawa and Bayview Yards

Gina Leslie
Senior Manager, Strategic Programs
Invest Ottawa

Natalie MacArthur
Director of Talent
Invest Ottawa

Nick Quain
Vice President, Venture Development
Invest Ottawa

Jens-Michael Schaal
Vice President, Global Expansion
Invest Ottawa