Our Team

Helping unleash the potential, power and impact of your innovation

Marie Ainsworth
Senior Manager, Programs, Area X.O

Susanne Cork
Business Development Director, Smart Farm and Advanced Robotics, Area X.O

Divyanshu Kamboj
Strategic Technology and Testing Director, Area X.O

Rachael Lough
Business Operations Manager, Area X.O

Ethan Ross
Support Engineer, Area X.O

Sonya Shorey
President and CEO

Barry Stoute
Simulation Engineer, Area X.O

Rebecca Thompson
Director, Business Delivery and Operations, Area X.O

Joanne Gardner
Strategic Initiatives and Bayview Growth and Success
Invest Ottawa and Bayview Yards

Patrick Kenny
Senior Director, Marketing and Communications
Invest Ottawa and Bayview Yards

Nick Quain
Vice President, Venture Development
Invest Ottawa

Jens-Michael Schaal
Vice President, Global Expansion
Invest Ottawa