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Pilot Program

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Experience the Impact

Together, we delivered 13+ workshops that addressed 24 skills gaps and enabled 260+ participants to engage and learn from tech leaders and potential employers, including: AccentureADGA Group Consultants Inc.AurrigoAmazon Web Services (AWS)BlackBerry QNXCS Group – CanadaEasyMileHexagon PPM AutonomouStuffNokiaSensor CortekTempo Analytics & VIVA Lab.

These sessions leveraged the unique capabilities of Area X.O and engaged a broad mix of participants from every walk of life, including:

  • New grads seeking critical first career opportunities and direct linkages to employers
  • Members of our tech workforce who aim to reskill or upskill to advance their career
  • Entrepreneurs, innovators and developers who aim to put groundbreaking tech to work
  • Students, researchers and professors

Project Overview

These industry-led workshops harnessed the power of collaboration, and some of the greatest strengths Ottawa has to offer Ontario and the world. They delivered actionable insight, evidence-based outcomes and an impactful approach that can be adapted and employed to help the smart mobility and automotive industry and related tech sectors gain a competitive talent edge.

For example, our CAV Talent Catalyst Team created an intentional diversity methodology for workshop participant selection to help fuel the development of a more diverse and inclusive talent pipeline

  • This improved diversity levels in attendees from an average of 59% to 84% diversity.
  • 70% of participants were from priority equity groups.

We are excited to share all key outcomes and learnings with our community, and employ them in future programs.

Together, we will maximize our collective impact; drive new opportunities for tech talent and companies; and create an even stronger, more globally competitive smart mobility workforce in Ontario.

Special thanks to the Ontario Government, our CAV Talent, Area X.O, Invest Ottawa team, all industry and post-secondary partners, participants, Ontario Centre of Innovation and #AVIN collaborators for your support of our smart mobility innovators, firms and community.

Created in collaboration with and delivered by leading industry organizations, the CAV Talent Catalyst program will explore the foundations of CAVs, highlight up-to-date sensor technology and provide an overview of cybersecurity protocols; the program also provides the opportunity to connect with industry professionals.

Program delivery partners include Accenture, Hexagon (AutonomouStuff), Sensor Cortek, Tempo Analytics & VIVA Lab (UOttawa), Aurrigo, EasyMile, BlackBerry QNX, Nokia, CS Canada, ADGA and AWS.

Pilot Programs


Program Overview and Orientation

Pilot 1: Introduction to Connected and Autonomous Vehicles


Pilot 2: Computer Vision, LiDAR, RADAR & Last Mile Shuttle Solutions


Pilot 3: Cybersecurity & Communications


Pilot 4: Machine Learning and Communication Systems (AWS & Nokia)


Valued Anchor Partners

  • Invest Ottawa
  • AVIN Ontario logo

Delivery Partners

  • Accenture
  • Aurrigo
  • blackberry QNX
  • Easymile
  • Nokia
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