CAV Canada 2021 is back: 8 reasons why you need to grab your ticket to this must-attend smart mobility event

October 7, 2021

A cityscape with iconography of humans and machines connected. Text overlay that says 'save the date, december 2, 2021'Now focused on Canada’s smart mobility ecosystem, CAV Canada 2021 unites local, national and global innovators, businesses, researchers, investors, regulators, and community leaders who are driving the safe development, commercialization and deployment of smart mobility solutions in Canada and around the world.

CAV Canada 2021 is the must-attend smart mobility event on December 2, 2021, and here’s why you need to grab your ticket now:

1- The future is now. CAV Canada not only leads the discussion on Connected and Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) technologies but gives the spotlight to smart mobility solutions to create seamless connective experiences to achieve significant impact for humanity.

2- Smart mobility innovations combined with next-gen network, cybersecurity, 5G, AI and machine learning, IoT, big data, and AR/VR are unleashing a world of new opportunities. A qualified pool of CAV and smart mobility talent is a must to stay up-to-speed with these technologies. CAV Canada will provide access to smart mobility talent alongside strategies to develop, attract, and retain a competitive, diverse and inclusive workforce to drive future innovation.

3- CAV Canada is anchored in Canada’s National Capital Region, also known as one of the world’s top tech hubs. This one-day event will showcase the global footprint of Ottawa’s CAV and smart mobility technologies from multiple locations that celebrate future thinking:

  • Area X.O, the futureplex of innovation and collaboration in Ottawa for next-gen technologies
  • Bayview Yards, Ottawa’s one-stop business acceleration shop
  • Hub 350, the new gateway to Kanata North Tech Park, the largest of its kind in Canada
  • Wherever you are connected – streaming live in real-time

4- The day will include programming that provides innovative approaches, real-world examples and lessons learned in smart mobility tests, validation, and demonstrations. Our ecosystem of founders, innovators, and subject matter experts are already creating new smart mobility, autonomy and connectivity solutions that increase the capability and safety of frontline public safety leaders.

5- You’ll walk away with actionable insight to enable and accelerate the safe implementation of CAV and smart mobility solutions in diverse sectors. From transportation to communications, smart farming, and public safety, the future is connected, autonomous, electrified, and shared, so staying up to speed with lessons learned from world-renowned leaders in the connected ecosystem is a must!

6- To have a chance to network and experience an in-person event! We know that it has been a while since in-person events. That’s why we are hosting a lottery. An approved number of fully vaccinated participants will score onsite tickets to either Bayview Yards, Hub350, or Area X.O venues. Don’t feel comfortable doing that? No problem! CAV Canada 2021 is coming to you in a hybrid format so you can stream at the comfort of your own home.

7- For 2021, there will be no cost to attend. This is your opportunity to keep your finger on the pulse of best practices with like-minded peers—to drive the next generation of smart technology.

8- Your free ticket includes loads of high-quality content, unique networking opportunities, expert-led sessions, real-world examples, keynote speakers, and a lottery to join safely in person. Expect to receive 6 hours of actionable insight on smart mobility R&D, market, and policy from 20+ world-class speakers. Not to mention the exclusive access to leaders, experts, and investors so you can gain a competitive global intelligence and market edge.

Imagine a connected, equitable and inclusive society where it’s safer, cleaner, and greener. Where roads are safe, transportation is efficient, sustainable, and clean, and commute times are faster. Where there are healthier and safer communities with cleaner air and fewer traffic incidents. Where food production is secure, and the environment is preserved.

This is the power of technology and smart mobility solutions. It’s the future. And it’s evolving now. Are you driving it? Register to CAV Canada 2021 to be part of this future.

Where smart mobility innovators and leaders discuss and drive the future

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CAV Canada 2021 is proudly hosted by Area X.O, Invest Ottawa, and KNBA.

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